Wedding Photographer Andy Martin Photography
Your Love. My Passion.

"Your Love. My Passion." and the invisible.

What is a wedding? Some weddings are steeped in cultural or religious tradition. Some may focus on telling your story. Other weddings may focus on creating a work of art that is aesthetically beautiful. This is just the stage for your wedding. It's the stuff you see.

Here is a thought... Could it be that the staging of your wedding actually began when you were little. When that one person in your life who loved you most wished and prayed on your behalf... that you would one day find that one perfect person who would make you the happiest and complete you. Thank you Mom, Dad, Sister, Granddaddy... I know this because it's my prayer for my little girl.

The real wedding is made up of the invisible because it is made up of feelings. The real wedding is felt. The most important photos are the photos of your most meaningful relationships in a setting that is honest and sincere. This love is revealed to you in your photos and that love comes alive again and is felt every single time you open your Photo Album. I understand this. That’s why your love is my passion.

~Andy Martin