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Your Love. My Passion.

"Your Love. My Passion"  (explained)

“Your Love. My Passion.” can be explained this way. The Fabric of your wedding is made up of the invisible. Couples hire me because my photos reveal all the invisible things that they felt. You see it in dad’s eyes as he gives you away. You see it in your lovers smile as you walk down the aisle. You see it in the joyful faces of your friends and family. The most important photos are the photos of your most meaningful relationships in a setting that is honest and sincere. This love belongs to YOU! It’s all yours and it is revealed to you in your photos. I understand this. As your photographer I want to give this to you. That’s why your love is my passion.

*My wedding portfolio ranges all over the USA and across international borders. I personally edit your photos and backup your files for life.